Welcome to Vegucation – the sustainable and plant-based cookery!

Plant-based cuisine is currently experiencing an unprecedented growth. Healthy, sustainable and meat-reduced menus are in vogue. However, chefs are facing an insufficient education regarding the competences in plant-based cuisine. In order to face the growing demand of a modern, creative and plant-based cuisine, Vegucation was initiated. The multinational project, which is coordinated by a consortium of schools and Non-Governmental organizations, is taking care of the improvement of the existing education of prospective chefs and designed further an additional education of “vegetarian-vegan” chefs. The primary aim of the consortium is to develop and pilot a highly-professional vocational training for initial and continuing vocational education and training in gastronomy. Therefore, Vegucation is providing a European syllabus and educational materials for plant-based cuisine.

Learn how to cook plant-based, sustainable and delicious food – with Vegucation!