About Vegucation

Vegucation reacts to the urgent demand for a Europe-wide gastronomical vocational training, which is specialized in the field of vegetable-based cooking.

The rising demand for vegetable dishes reveals the need for well-trained apprentices, teachers and future chefs. Especially as consumers increasingly tend after healthier, more progressive and meat-reduced menus. Furthermore, sustainability standards have become a major component within caterers’ corporate social responsibility policy. Also the vast majority of the European population have unhealthy eating habits. Several diet-related diseases, like cardiovascular disease, adipose, diabetes, gout and certain kinds of cancer could be prevented with a fully adequate, meat-reduced nutrition. Vegucation can help chefs to implement a balanced and tasty choice of food in Europe’s canteens. Innovation pressure from gaps in gastronomical VET is common to all partner countries.

At the same time, caterers and chefs have not been prepared for their customers new needs during their initial or continuing VET. The traditional VET and exam in Europe does not consider the know-how and the skills of a sustainable and balanced cuisine low in animal products. Nationally and internationally standardized content or official quality standards are missing completely. Therefore chefs often do not have the competence to actively prepare and appropriately promote attractive vegetarian meals in order to meet their customers’ new demand. Related skills are one important ingredient when starting new small businesses or for getting a new job opportunity in the field. Therefore regional chambers and social partners are highly interested in an additional qualification to become a vegetarian chef.