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Project team of Vegucation

In each country the national vegetarian organization (NGO) is involved and furthermore four hotel & gastronomy schools from Belgium and Germany. All together 8 partners in 4 countries (NL, BE, DE, AT) build the consortium and therewith the project team of Vegucation.

The consortium consists of:

vebu blase The EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) is a Belgian non-profit organization based in Ghent with the mission to inform people about the benefits of eating more plant based foods. EVA is subsidized by the Flemish government, has 5.000 members and a staff of six people. EVA organizes events like seminars, talks, debates, movie screenings, dinners or cooking workshops and publish free vegetarian literature as well as a quarterly member magazine. More information on: www.evavzw.be
vebu blase The German Vegetarian Union (VEBU) has been independently representing the interests of people interested in a vegetarian and meat-reduced lifestyle in Germany since 1892. As a non-governmental actor that has committed itself to social and environmental issues, VEBU maintains a large network with businesses, scientific researchers and a broad political spectrum. VEBU focuses on the education of the broad public concerning ecological, health and socially related topics by an intense media exposure, a wide range of information material and international cooperations. More information on: www.vebu.de
vebu blase The Dutch Vegetarian Union (NVB) aims to promote meat reduction and plant-based nutrition by seeking to increase respect for nature, animals and environment of civilization and to improve health. The Vegetarian Union represents the interests of hundreds of thousands of people who consume no meat, and supports more than four million people with its plans to eat vegetarian food regularly. More information on:www.vegetariers.nl
vebu blase The Austrian Vegan Society (VGÖ) is the largest advocacy group for vegetarians and vegans in Austria. The charity is based in Vienna, Austria, and serves as the touching point between consumers, media, and economy for subjects ranging from vegan lifestyle, environmental issues, and health. It goes in line with the trend to a conscious, meat-reduced diet. More information on: www.vegan.at
wemmel The KTA Wemmel (KTA), part of Campus Wemmel is a secondary school (European level 4) with education on the second and third degrees of Flemish secondary education. KTA Wemmel organizes education in the areas of sport, tourism and hospitality / gastronomy. More information on: www.campuswemmel.be
wemmel The Syntra West is a non profit organization set up in 1960 in the Province of West-Flanders, Belgium, which is providing 3,5 million training hours every year for about 55,000 trainees. Syntra West works with 2,000 part-time trainers and a staff of 220 persons. There are 6 training campuses. More information on:www.syntrawest.be
wemmel The German hotel & gastronomy academy (DHA) is a distance learning school specialized in part-timed vocational qualifications for the hotel and restaurant industry. Multimedia based learning environments and officially recognized distance courses for qualifications like Master of Hotel Management or Chef or Dietary Cook are offered by the DHA. More information on: www.dha-akademie.de
wemmel The German gastronomy school (OSZ) is also known under the name of “Brillat-Saverin School”. The vocational school for gastronomical professions was founded in 1999. With about 6.000 students and 165 teachers the OSZ belongs to the biggest training facilities in Germany. More information on: www.osz-gastgewerbe.de