Vegucation closes the gap between labour market needs and the current contents in the gastronomic vocational education, so that new skills for the new Europe-wide profession of the modern Chef were developed. The main objective of Vegucation is the development and implementation of a specific gastronomic initial education and further education to prepare chefs to the changing requirements of their guests.

Gastronomic expertise
Chefs are learning new gastronomic skills in order to
meet the requirements for modern, sophisticated
vegetarian cuisine during the initial and continued
training periods. The courses were institutionalized so
that relevant national and European certification
standards are met.

Support of teachers and students
In addition to supporting the trainees, teachers are
trained in dealing with the materials provided and
prepared for class with the necessary training lessons
at the time. This ensures that trainees and teachers
receive an optimal support during the teaching

Tailored and field-oriented teaching materials
On the basis of Europe-wide analyzes target-group-
specific teaching materials for vocational schools and
for additional education in gastronomy and catering
have been developed in different languages. The
curriculum was designed in this case that the special-
ized scientific fields are processed interdisciplinary
and cross-disciplinary. Accompanying additional
multimedia materials are made available for students.