Welcome to the press page of the Vegucation project. We provide basic information on this page for this project. In addition, you will learn everything about the current events around Vegucation. If you have any questions or want more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Press Contact:
Julia Schneider
Tel. +49 30 20050799

The project “Vegucation” integrates the vegan-vegetarian haute cuisine into the education for future chefs. Furthermore it provides opportunities for skilled chefs to acquire new competencies for a vegetarian cuisine at its best.

blase-presse Press package: The extensive document summarizes all relevant aspects of the project.
umfrage-link Vegucation survey: On the way to the plantbased kitchen! (German)
blase-brochure Vegucation brochure: Vegetarian cuisine and education!
blase-brochure Vegucation Flyer
foto-link picture gallery: Impressions of courses
foto-link Vegucation in the radio (German)